Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Another gem from Kate Morton. Filled with more mystery and secrets than her first novel The House at Riverton. At the rate she's going, her next novel will be spectacular and I can't wait for it.

The Forgotten Garden is a story of a little girl left abandoned on a ship heading to Australia in 1913. When she gets there, she can't remember much, except that a mysterious lady called The Authoress told her to stay put and was coming back for her. And all she has with her is a tiny white suitcase containing a dress, an envelope with some money and a book of fairytales.

The novel juts around between 1900-1913, 1975 and present day. The three time periods follow the lives of three different women: The Authoress herself (Eliza Makepeace), Nell (the little girl left on the ship) and her granddaughter Cassandra. And instead of this format stifling the flow of the story, it enhanced it and made it flow effortlessly.

As the mysteries start to unfold you'll find yourself unable to stop reading. The pace in which they are presented to you are at just the right pace for you to digest, think about it and go, "Oh!" before moving on to the next.

Like her first book, I highly recommend this one.