Friday, September 4, 2009

This Day In History 09.04.09

On this day in 1812 started the Battle of Fort Harrison, three months after the start of the War of 1812.

The day before, Captain Zachary Taylor was warned that the fort would be attacked by a large band of Native Americans. The next day a force of 600 Potawatomi, Wea, Shawnee, Kickapoo and Winnebago warriors approached the fort with 40 approaching with a white flag of truce, asking to parley with Taylor the next day. It was agreed, but that night the fort was set fire and the Battle of Fort Harrison began.

The fort held and by the 12th a company led by Colonel William Russell, along with local militia and the 7th Infantry Regiment arrived at Fort Harrison. The Indian force fled.

The Battle of Fort Harrison is considered the first major land victory for the United States during the War of 1812.

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Cindy said...

Fort Harrison is near modern day Terre Haute IN, which is 20 miles from Marshall IL--my hometown. I worked in Terre Haute for years as it is the closest 'city' to Marshall. I say 'city' but it is actually a small town compared to Phoenix where we now live! Anyway, really neat to read about Fort Harrison and the battle; thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great holiday weekend!