Monday, February 22, 2010

This Day in History 02.22.10

On this day in 1732, George Washington was born in the colony of Virginia.

I don't think I need to write up a whole post about this fella, do I?

Happy Birthday to the father of America!


Svea Love said...

What an amazing person he was; I admire his strong beliefs and character! A very happy birthday to a man who gave America so much!

Jenny said...

Obviously I know who he is and things about him, but because I have been reading New York by Edward Rutherford and because Washington is in the part of the book I'm reading a lot I feel like I "know" him, hahah!

Christy B said...

That book sounds interesting. I'll be interested in what your verdict of it is when you finish.

Lisa said...

I just watched a really great show about Washington on Natl Geo. Completely different general than I thought he was. They've recently put together a composite of what he really looked like; he was kind of a chubby face.