Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whom the Gods Love by Kate Ross

The third installment of the Julian Kestral mystery series. Read my reviews of book #1 and book #2.

London dandy Julian Kestral is fast becoming known as a successful amateur sleuth. He has already solved two separate murder cases. However, those murder cases were cases that Julian took upon himself to solve. This time, he is actually being sought out to solve a murder.

Sir Malcolm Falkland has reached out to Julian to help solve the murder of his son, Alexander, who was found with his head smashed in by a fire poker in his own study. Julian is hesitant, not sure if Sir Malcolm will be able to see it though, but agrees to help.

Julian comes across a vast variety of interesting characters, all it seems with something to hide (what fun would it be if they didn't?). We have Alexander's wife, her half brother, a few mysterious friends and some secretive servants.

Though his investigation he discovers that the Alexander the world saw was not the real Alexander. He also suspects that Alexander's death is connected with another murder that occurred a week before, a murder of a woman who had her faced smashed in, making her unrecognizable.

Julian realizes that the real Alexander has crossed someone, and that someone paid him back. Julian has to race against time to solve the case - he has 500 pounds riding on it!

Ross perfectly captures 1820s London. We see all aspects of life, from the upper to the lower class, and everything in between. I can't explain how absorbed I get while reading her books. It's almost like I'm there, following Julian around on his investigation and before I know it, an hour has gone by! These are the kind of books I never want to end, but yet, I can't wait to find out the ending, because I can never see it coming!

 This is definitely an A+ historical mystery series. Unfortunately, only one more book to go, and from what I hear, the fourth installment is the best of the series!


Svea Love said...

I have not heard of this series before! Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)