Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Bells by Richard Harvell

I received a galley of this novel from NetGalley for review. This in no way affected my opinions.

From the official summary:

Dazzling, enchanting and epic, The Bells is the confession of a thief, kidnapper and unlikely lover — a boy with the voice of an angel whose exquisite sense of hearing becomes both his life's tragic curse and its greatest blessing.

I've read a few books this year that have impressed me, but I've been waiting for a book like this. The kind of book that grabs me and doesn't let go, not even long after I'm finished. The kind of book whose story will always linger in my mind.

The Bells is the story of Moses, a boy whose voice enchants anyone who hears, but like so many boys of the time, Moses is a victim of castration, an act that will preserve his beautiful voice, but cause him both great physical and emotional pain. He both hides and questions himself and no longer shares his voice. He becomes a shadow at night, exploring the surrounding town, listening and watching.

This is a story of love, friendship, sacrifice, loyalty, and weaving through it all: music. The descriptions of music in this book were absolutely breathtaking. It truly captured how music can move a person both in their soul and body, whether they are they creator or the listener. At one point, Moses uses his voice to reach out to his love, who does not recognize him. A truly moving moment. 

Taking place in 18th century Switzerland and Vienna, The Bells is a truly brilliant piece of work not just for fans of historical fiction, but for any fan of good fiction. It's one of few books that has truly moved me; a very unique story.


Joanne said...

Lovely review, Christy! Sounds like an exquisite novel. BTW, I took your recommendation and began reading the series by Kate Ross -- excellent! Thanks :)

Christy B said...

That's great! I hope you enjoy them!

TheBookGirl said...

I was very taken with your review of sounds amazing, and will definitely look for it!