Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Making of a Gentleman by Shana Galen

Book #2 in The Sons of the Revolution trilogy by Shana Galen. I loved the first one and this was another gem.

In the previous installment, the Duc de Valere, had rescued his brother Armand from a Paris prison where he had been held for 12 years. Now, in The Making of a Gentleman, Armand must learn to be around people again and to speak.

The family hires a tutor, a Miss Felicity Bennett, to help Armand. Felicity, the daughter of a vicar is harboring a little secret, a secret that leaves her no choice but to accept the position of tutor for a grown man, when she thought she was going to be governess to a small boy.

However, Armand is harboring a secret himself, but his is not so small. And this secret has found it's way to his family's front door as two men are seen sneaking around the residence, digging around in the garden and throwing bricks through windows. What do these men want? What is Armand hiding?

All eventually comes to a head, as does Armand and Felicity's love for each other. They find themselves in Paris and Armand has returned to the cell that was his home for 12 years in order to end this secret once and for all.

Like The Making of a Duchess, The Making of a Gentleman was a clever and evenly paced historical romance, dashed with some fast paced adventure. I enjoyed every word and can not wait for the third and final chapter in this intense saga.


Shana said...

Thanks, Christy!