Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vienna Waltz by Teresa Grant

1814. Vienna. A beautiful Princess has been murdered. The murderer could be anyone, for representatives from around the continent have gathered for the Congress of Vienna.

Vienna Waltz opens right in on the action, no set-up here. We find out things as we go along, and I love books like that. The hero and heroine of our tale: Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch are thrust in the middle of the murder investigation, because on the night of the murder, Princess Tatiana had dispatched messages to meet her in her rooms. Malcolm and Suzanne among them. Unfortunately, the poor Princess is already dead before anyone arrives.

The Princess has been linked to everyone from the tsar to Suzanne's husband, and Suzanne can't shake the feeling that her husband had a special bond with the Princess – more than he's letting on.

The cause of the Princess' death could be anything. As we follow along with Malcolm and Suzanne, we are shown every aspect of Vienna: from glittering royal balls, operas, and secret meetings. Intrigue, danger, secrecy, and of course murder are all there. Nothing is as it seems. No one is to be trusted. Secrets must not be revealed, because the future of Europe is at stake.

Teresa (aka Tracy) Grant has written another gripping historical mystery. I was on the edge of my seat several times and even once almost threw the book in the air when I yelled, “I knew it!” No disappointment here!

I won an ARC from the author's blog.


Joanne said...

Glad to hear this one was good! It's on my list!

Misfit said...

Thanks for this, I hadn't heard of it. Library has on order.

Laura at Library of Clean Reads said...

This one sounds fantastic and what a gorgeous book cover. I also like books that start with action. Great review!