Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Portrait of Seduction by Carrie Lofty

I received a galley of this novel from NetGalley for review. This in no way affected my opinions.

Just like Song of Seduction, Portrait of Seduction was another refreshing historical romance.

Set in Salzburg in 1805, with Napoleon and his army advancing, Greta Zweig is a talented painter living with her uncle and two cousins. She forges great works while the originals are hidden for safe-keeping. However, Greta is soon horrified to find out that her uncle is actually selling her forgeries as if they were the originals.

Greta's secret is soon found out by Oliver Doerger – a valet and someone with a few secrets of his own- a man who saved her life. Although the two are from different worlds, they are drawn to each other more and more, all the while knowing that they can never truly be together, as Greta's uncle has arranged a marriage for her.

Portrait of Seduction is another historical romance full of passion and intensity, but this time mixed with intrigue and the threat of invasion of a foreign army. In no part of the story did the plot lag, and all the characters – down to the smallest – were fleshed out.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on the book, and started reading with high expectations. I was not disappointed!


Marg said...

I loved Song of Seduction, and so I am very much looking forward to reading this one too