Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

A unique, magical story surrounding a mysterious circus that only opens at night, and two competitors, playing a game neither one of them knows the rules of. Things get complicated when the two players start falling in love.

That, my friends, is just a basic summary of what this book is about. I cannot even begin to completely summarize. The story takes place over thirty years, and we're thrown around from one year to the next. We're met with a large group of interesting characters whose stories are all intertwined.

The two players are Celia and Marco, both trained since they were young children for the competition. I honestly loved them both and couldn't decide who I wanted to win. They were both intelligent, strong, selfless characters, and I was endeared to them both.

I didn't know what I was getting into when I started this. I had been avoiding the hype, but the premise intrigued me, so I just dove in. I got lost into the world very easily – the deeper I got, the more I started forgetting the real world. I love stories of magic and I love historical fiction, and this was a rich mix of the two.

The plot is so intricate and the descriptions of the circus are realistically spot-on. I could almost smell the caramel corn.

I can't even say who'd I recommend this to, because it may not be their cup of tea. However, I would at least try it. You never know, you may be surprised.

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bookandbrunch said...

Just finished the book as well!

Your review is spot on with how I feel about the book. I want to share it with my friends but its definitely not a book for everyone.

Love it though!

Jenny said...

I'm sooo curious about this book! My husband is reading it right now and I plan on reading it as soon as he's done! Great review!

Marg said...

Lots of hype on this one, but I haven't seen many people who didn't like it! I am waiting for it to hit the shelves here!