Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Georgette Heyer by Jennifer Kloester

I received a galley of this novel from NetGalley for review. This in no way affected my opinions.

A decent biography about an insufferable person.

I'm not big on Georgette Heyer's books anymore, but I'm always interested in learning about the real lives of authors. Well, Ms. Heyer and I would not have been friends, let's just say that.

The book in itself had problems keeping my attention. Dry biographies that basically just state fact after fact bore me to tears. I can find that stuff out on the internet. I never felt engaged, and often skimmed pages.

The book was highly researched, and it shows, almost too much. There aren't that many Heyer bios out there, so I recommend this if you want the facts of her life. Unfortunately  there's not much else I can think of to say.


Marg said...

It's a shame that this was a bit dry because in person Jennifer Kloesters is a very engaging person who clearly is passionate about her subject matter but still remains entertaining.