Thursday, August 13, 2009

Throwback Thursday 08.13.09

It is the time each week to recognize those older books… an older book you’ve always wanted to read, or one that you have read and love; maybe one from your childhood; or review an older book -- how about even a classic!

For my first Throwback Thursday I will share my favorite book from my childhood.

Wayside School is Falling Down by Louis Sachar. My copy was read so much that the cover fell off! Unfortunately, I no longer have it. My mother probably threw it away. Nonetheless, the version above was the exact copy I had. I loved it. I had no idea this was a sequel, and I never read the first book.

Wayside School is 30 stories high with only one room on each floor. On the top floor is Mrs. Jewls' class, where order has been abandoned in favor of nonsense and silliness. Each of the 30 stories in this collection features an unusual vignette or character sketch. The stories are only loosely tied together, and many have a shaggy dog quality. While adult readers may be left quizzical, children who relish the ridiculous will enjoy themselves tremendously. With bad puns, extended jokes, and an irreverent attitude, Sachar keeps his readers amused. This is a sequel to Sideways Stories from Wayside School.


Jenny said...

I'm glad you like the meme!

I used this one a couple weeks ago, haha!.. I loved this book!

Christy B said...

It's a very good idea for a meme. Very nostalgic.

And this book is a good one. It's been over a decade since I last read it and I can still remember some of the stories!

Anonymous said...

My teacher read this to us in grade school. I *LOVED* this book as a kid!