Monday, August 10, 2009

Upcoming Release: Tears Of Pearl by Tasha Alexander

From the author's website:

Even before Emily steps off the Orient Express in beautiful and decadent Constantinople, she's embroiled in intrigue and treachery. The brutal death of a concubine in the sultan's palace allows her first foray into investigating a crime as an official agent of the British Empire--because only a woman can be given access to the forbidden world of the harem. There, she quickly discovers that its mysterious, sheltered walls offer no protection from a ruthless murderer. Excerpt. Book #4 in the Lady Emily mystery series.

Release Date: September 1, 2009 (Hardcover)

Previous releases in the Lady Emily series:

And Only To Deceive (2005)
A Poisoned Season (2007)
A Fatal Waltz (2008)

I won a copy of Tears of Pearl today and will be reviewing it when I receive it and finish it. Stay tuned!


Lana said...

I managed to snag a review copy of this one through Librarything, and I'm so excited! (Also, I love your header)

Christy B said...

Thanks, Lana. And congrats on winning a copy. I won mine through Goodreads. :)