Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Nonesuch by Georgette Heyer

Such a cute book. It's not my favorite Heyer, but I still enjoyed it.

Sir Waldo has inherited a run-down house in the country and travels there to fix it up, bringing his cousin with him. The town is thrown into tithers upon the arrival of The Nonesuch and all kinds of shenanigans arise, in true Heyer style.

Sir Waldo, the hero, was absolutely delightful and probably rates at the top of my favorite Heyer Heroes. Such a witty gentleman with a bit of a mischievous sense of humor.

The heroine was nothing to sneeze at. I couldn't quite make out her personality. She was a perfectly nice, bland governess. Her ward, though, lord have mercy, what a brat! I wanted to smack the dickens out of her.

The 'misunderstanding' cracked me up. It was such a Heyeresque twist.

A good, solid Regency comedy.


BurtonBookReview said...

Although this wasn't my Fave Heyer, it was enjoyable enough.
I have just finished ARABELLA, and that is one that is a must read, my review will go up Monday afternoon.
PS I am also a native New Englander now in TX =)
I was once a New Yorker till I moved here in 94.