Thursday, December 24, 2009

Love Engineered by Jenna Dawlish

Love Engineered is a very sweet Victorian romance.

Taking place in 1855 London, we meet Louise Thomas, a wealthy landowner who is immensely interested in engineering (a woman with a brain! Shocking!) and we also meet Charles Lucas, an up and comer in the engineering world.

I love a smart heroine, so I instantly liked Louise. I liked how she was outspoken. Charles was a very flawed hero. He was prejudice against the upper class and quick to believe rumors.

We all know how romance novels end, but how the hero and heroine get there is what makes each story unique. Louise and Charles have to overcome misunderstandings, vicious rumors and prejudice. They each have to see their own way through these before their feelings for each other become clear.

I loved the epilogue. I found the formatting very clever.

Overall, a nice, clean romance novel with endearing characters. A great debut!


Daphne said...

That's not really a time period I read about but that cover is absolutely gorgeous!