Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Perchance to Dream (Théâtre Illuminata, #2) by Lisa Mantchev

I received a copy of the novel from the publisher for review. This in no way affected my opinions.

Read my review of Théâtre Illuminata book #1 Eyes Like Stars here.

Perchance to Dream is the follow-up to the incredibly unique fantasy book Eyes Like Stars.

In this second installment, we find Bertie, Ariel and the fairies in a caravan on their way to save Nate from the Sea Goddess. In their travels they come across some interesting characters including a sneak, thief who joins them on their journey.

At one point the band of merry travelers end up on  the Immamorati train, which, to the best I can describe, is a traveling circus train. This was my favorite part, the part where I just wanted to jump through the pages of the book. I have this thing with trains, and this train just sounded amazing, I would not have wanted to get off. Here is Bertie's first impression as she stepped inside:

Stepping inside, she was reminded of an old-fashioned soda parlor or, at least, the Théâtre's version of one: all ribboned-striped cushions, silver paint, etched mirrors, and white wrought-iron benches.

...pausing occasionally in their gleeful capering to sniff the air, which smelled faintly of caramelized sugar and vanilla, as though some unseen person was baking waffle cones.

Where can I find this train?

I found the creativity in Perchance to Dream had been kicked up a notch from the previous book. I had to reread a few sections, especially in the action sequences, but I felt that that was just because of my lack of fantasy reading. I don't seem to catch on to fantasy as much as other genres. Nonetheless, I loved this book and devoured it in two days.

I loved how Bertie is starting to find herself. She looks as herself as not just a daughter or a love interest by the end of the book. And the book ends with Bertie wanting to continue on, to fulfill a promise, rather than head back to the Théâtre.

I can't wait to read the next book and hope that the whole love triangle thing gets worked out; I'm not a big fan of those.


Amelia said...

Hey, I'm not a big fan of love triangles, either! They seem to take a certain level of patience... :D Anyway, I'm glad to read that you liked this book, I just pre-ordered mine a few minutes ago! It's supposed to be a trilogy, right?
Anyway, great review--thanks a lot!

Christy B said...

From what I've seen, I would guess it to be a trilogy.

Thanks for the comment!

Ana S. said...

Eyes Like Stars has been on my wishlist for some time...I'm even more motivated to pick it up now that I know the follow-up is even better.