Monday, April 23, 2012

Using Pinterest to Help Visualize the Books You're Reading

Pinterest has its many uses, and one of the ways I'm using it is to help visualize a book I'm reading. I'm currently reading Passion by Jude Morgan, which is rich historical fiction, and part-ways through, I decided to make a Pinterest board for it, and it took off. I'm finding new ways to include things from the book onto the board. It's also helping me visualize the characters and the time period the story is taking place.

So, making a board for a book you're reading is perfect for historical fiction, especially if the story you're reading includes people that really existed and events that really happened. It can help you see the book in an entirely different way.

Check out the board I have going for Passion. What do you think?


Joanne said...

Christy -- I think it's a brilliant and fun idea to make a pinterest board for certain books. I just don't need any more excuses spend time on pinterest! Ha!

Christy B said...

Yes, it's very addicting!