Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Observations by Jane Harris

Very intriguing book that kept my interest from beginning to end. The heroine, Bessy, is one of the more original heroines I've read in historical fiction in a while. She had some meat to her, some oomph, if you will. All the characters had their own original voice and were all interesting, even the smallest of characters.

Bessy goes to work at a Scottish estate where her mistress asks her to keep a journal to write her observations in. To the OCD grammar freaks, this might bug you because the entries are shown written in an uneducated hand. The great thing about this is, that as the book goes on, you see Bessy improve, in both her writing and her observations skills.

Set in 1863, this was a very good Victorian mystery. I didn't have the twist worked out until sometime into the story.