Friday, December 3, 2010

The Heir by Grace Burrowes

I received a review copy of this novel from Sourcebooks. This in no way affected my opinions.

There were a few things I liked about this book, but most of the time I found myself just wanting the book to be over with.

Let me start with the things I liked about it. The main characters – the earl and his housekeeper Anna – while a nice hero and heroine, were a bit infuriating at times. However, I adored the earl's brothers – Valentine and Dev. They were both quite charming. The dialogue, overall, was quite witty and humorous. The exchanges between the three brothers are among my favorite parts.

The story was basically about the earl being pressured by his father the duke to marry and produce an heir, and the earl's steadfast resistance. The earl finally does find a woman he wants to marry in his housekeeper Anna, but of course, she keeps trying to push him away because she is hiding some sort of secret.

The romance was quite nice, but every time I turned around there was a romantic scene. After a while, I just started skimming through them. I like a scene here and there in my romance novels, but it gets old after a while. And for the first 300 pages it was basically the story of the earl and Anna's give and take romance. Around page 300 I thought things were gonna pick up when Anna's secret started to come to light. However, the last 100 pages were pretty anticlimactic. Everything was pretty much patched up with a bow on top.

I love historical romances, but I like them to have a rather thrilling side story, so that's probably why this book fell so flat for me. Fans of the typical Regency romances will probably like this.