Monday, January 11, 2010

Georgette Heyer

Books I have read are in bold. If I have written a review for a book, a link is located beside the title. This list will be continuously updated.

Historical Fiction
The Great Roxhythe (1923)
Simon the Coldheart (1925)
Beauvallet (1929)
The Conqueror (1931)
Royal Escape (1938)
My Lord John (1975)

Romance Novels
The Black Moth (1921)
Instead of the Thorn (1923)
These Old Shades (1926) Review
The Masqueraders (1928) Review
Helen (1928)
Pastel (1929)
Barren Corn (1930)
Powder and Patch (Originally The Transformation of Philip Jettan) (1930)
Devil's Cub (1932) Review
The Convenient Marriage (1934)
Regency Buck (1935)
The Talisman Ring (1936)
An Infamous Army (1937)
The Spanish Bride (1940)
The Corinthian (1940) Review
Faro's Daughter (1941) Review
Friday's Child (1944)
The Reluctant Widow (1946)
The Foundling (1948)
Arabella (1949) Review
The Grand Sophy (1950)
The Quiet Gentleman (1951)
Cotillion (1953)
The Toll-Gate (1954)
Bath Tangle (1955)
Sprig Muslin (1956)
April Lady (1957)
Sylvester, or the Wicked Uncle (1957)
Venetia (1958)
The Unknown Ajax (1959)
A Civil Contract (1961)
The Nonesuch (1962) Review
False Colours (1963)
Frederica (1965)
Black Sheep (1966)
Cousin Kate (1968)
Charity Girl (1970)
Lady of Quality (1972)

Short Story Collections 
Pistols for Two and other stories (1960)

Footsteps in the Dark (1932)
Why Shoot a Butler? (1933)
The Unfinished Clue (1934)
Death in the Stocks (1935)
Behold, Here's Poison (1936)
They Found Him Dead (1937)
A Blunt Instrument (1938)
No Wind of Blame (1939)
Envious Casca (1941)
Penhallow (1942)
Duplicate Death (1951)
Detection Unlimited (1953)


Svea Love said...

Wow, I had no clue She had written so many books. Alas I have not read one yet! I am going to read "Arabella" pretty soon though. From reading your review on it, it sounds like a good one to start with :)

BurtonBookReview said...

Good job! I still have to do my Heyer List Post.. I made the button for it LONG before I got the strength for the post. You did a great job! I love Georgette Heyer and all of her fabulous stories.

Kals said...

Great list! I've never read Georgette Heyer, but I will this year as part of my awesome author challenge. Would you recommend any particular book to start with? :)

Christy B said...

Muse, Arabella is a great one to start with. It's very funny!

Thanks, Marie! I meant to do this for a while, too, but finally forced myself.

Kals, I've only read nine and am currently reading my tenth (The Masqueraders), but I'd recommend either The Grand Sophy or Arabella - which are two of her regency romances - or These Old Shades - which is one of her Georgian adventures, but it's one of her most popular and a lot of fun!

Kals said...

Thanks for the recos, Christy! I'm adding it to my TBR list :)